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Custom Software Development

Guru Technologies develops custom software, web apps, phone apps, databases, website design & programming, and desktop & server software for companies as well as provides full service IT Support.

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We Create Awesome Stuff

We are Guru Technologies located in Layton, Utah. We develop custom software for a wide variety of platforms in a wide variety of computer languages. Our team is especially talented at adapting to specific client needs.

Web Applications

We love building layout responsive web applications that work well on phones, tablets, and desktops. We also focus on building client-responsive, Web 2.0 applications that react quickly to the user without requiring full page loads for user actions.

Mobile Applications

We are experts with iOS, both iPhone and iPad, and Android, both tablet and phone. We are highly adept at supporting these operating systems natively, but we also build a variety of hybrid-platform apps when both iOS and Android support are required

Desktop Applications

We have developed a variety of desktop client type applications to fit custom business needs.

Client Support

We have a dedicated tech support team that provides phone and email support, and also maintains backend services and servers, databases, and cloud services

Embedded Systems

Wether it be on a custom device, raspberry pi, or other system, we are experiened at writing software to fit your special needs.


Who We Are

Our success is due to the high technical competence of our team. Most of our team has graduate or post-graduate degrees in Computer Science, or related fields. Our team has been carefully curated over many years to focus on versatility and T-Shaped people.

We want to create
great software

The unifying passion of our employees is to ensure users have great experiences with software. Too often, software is confusing and poorly written. We aim to change that.

Where We Are

Our entire team is located in our Layton, Utah office which is on the first floor of the Grandview Corporate Center. See our Contact Info for our address

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

With over 10 years in business, we've completed applications for dozens of clients. Here are a few of the awesome projects we can share with you.

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

More important than good engineering is the ability to really understand the problems and the needs before trying to solve them. We often have clients that have a need that they think requires an engineering solution. We are always able to solve this problem or point the client to a solution that already exists. This is our process:


First we listen. We carefully find out our clients' needs.


With our years of experience, we show our clients conceptually what we could build to meet their needs, or, if there is already something that fits their need.


Using some of the best software engineers in Utah, we build the project by modeling the data, implementing specific use cases, and programming with frequent customer feedback at regular intervals


Often overlooked, but very important, we let our clients test the work throughout the engineering process so they can see how the project is progressing. Doing testing while developing is a cornerstone of our process.

In short, we aim to make the experience working with us pleasant and easy. Our greatest complements usually come from clients who have used other companies unsuccessfully and come to us to rescue their projects. The difference is usually night and day and why our clients keep coming back to us.

Our Numbers

Some of the cool facts about us

Years in Business
Servers Managed

We have a long history of building good relationships to help our clients achieve success.

Our Skills

Our Main Skills

We've grown experienced in a very broad range of technologies and languages. We always stay up to date with cutting edge skills, but we also understand how important it is to be smart about employing the proper mix of cutting edge with tried-and-true languages and frameworks for long-term viability

From flexbox, to the canvas element, we are up to date using the latest well-supported HTML5, and CSS3 browser features. We have also used a variety of frameworks/libraries to make developing beautiful frontends.

We've been using Bootstrap for a long time to create beautiful, modern designs.

Material Design
We love Google's Material Design and like to it in conjunction with angular-material and other material design implementations to show off the latest modern design styles.

Javascript is an important part of making powerful and interactive websites. This is exactly why we know native javascript inside and out in addtion to our familiarity with the many frontend frameworks that have been released throughout web history. Using this knowledge we know exactly how to make the most performant frontend solutions.

When the job is simple, jQuery can be a powerful tool. We've been using jQuery as long as it's been around.

Now owned by google, this powerful and respected full front-end framework is a good solution to many business needs. We've developed many web apps with this framework, and have a thorough knowledge of it.

React, Polymer, Backbone, and Others
There are a lot of different frameworks out there we've implemented over the years, and we know how to effectively piece these technologies into a powerful frontend using design patterns like MVC, MVVM, and MVP.

We love putting Mircrosft's awesome technology TypeScript to good use. Embraced by Angular 2.0, we've used this technology in many projects.

Whether you need an API, web app backend, or socket server, we can meet your needs. Each of the many backend languages has strengths and weaknesses. Backend is one of our strongest competencies as a company. Here are the languages we work with:

We're fond of this excellent and powerful scripting and backend language. We most frequently work with Django but also have experience with other python frameworks.

We've done our fair share of Ruby projects, and several of our internal processes are built with this language. Ruby on Rails is the most popular framework that we use most often with this language. We also really like how rails migrations work for database change management.

NodeJS is a great choice we've used in projects where asynchronous calls are heavy and frequent.

C# and ASP.NET
While we often tend to work more often in the open source languages and ecosystems, we've done our fair share of C# and .NET projects. Many of our early projects were written in C# and several of our developers spent a few years at Microsoft-centric development shops before coming to Guru Technologies.

Some of our developers just love developing in Java. We've written several enterprise and financial applications with Java backends. And of course, our native Android applications use Java.

This trusty old language is the most popular backend language on existing websites. We've been using it since the origins of our company, and you won't find many with more experiance than us. We've also used many PHP frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and others in addition to native PHP apps.

Go / Golang
We've worked with Google's Go language in at least one major project now that uses Go as the primary language powering the API backend. We've found it to be delightful to code in.

Databases are at the core of most of our work. We have a strong competency in database architecture, database management, and database optimization. When considering database architecture it's important to consider the scale of the application, whether replication or distributed technology is needed.

SQL Databases
MySql, SQL Server, Postgres, MariaDB, SQLite, Advantage Database

NoSql Databases

Cloud Databases
Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, and SQL Server

There are a variety of technologies to support multiplatform development. Most prominent of which is Cordova/PhoneGap. We often use these technologies so our clients can support multiple platforms without spending the money to development for each platform natively. Hybrid technologies are suffiently powerful and performant for many applications, especially those that don't require tight integration with native components

Android is a powerful mobile platform we love to develop for. In our most intense Android project, we've gone as far re-compiling a custom Android kernal to meet the needs of one of our clients. Be it tablet, phone, or both we can create powerful, inutitive and responsive applications in native java, or using hybrid technologies like Cordova/PhoneGap.

We've developed a ton of different apps for iPhone and iPad for every version of iOS since iOS 5. While we're experienced with Objective C we've already written multiple applications using Apple's new Swift language. We certainly know the best way to integrate storyboards, nib files, auto layout, and custom views into a fast, powerful and responsive application.

We've written desktop applications in everything from Java to C++ to C# to C itself and have been doing desktop applications since 2005.

Embedded Systems
We've written custom applications for all sorts of exciting platforms. This includes custom hardware, and Raspberry pi's. A few of our developers like working in embedded software.

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