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Beanstalk – Find Things to Do

mobile app was conceptualized as a solution to help individuals enhance their lives by engaging in unique and inspiring experiences. Developed by Stan Dalton Sr. and Stan Dalton Jr. doing product management and design, and Guru Technologies doing the all the software engineering to build the app, this app aims to break away from the negative impact of conventional social media platforms and encourages users to explore and challenge themselves. Stan Sr. provided a visionary outlook, while Stan Jr.’s experience with social media brought the concept to life.

Project Goal

Our mission is to empower individuals to level up their lives by engaging in new and exciting experiences. We’ve built a platform that not only encourages users to explore new horizons but also challenges them to surpass their limits. Our goal is to facilitate the seamless discovery of novel and exciting experiences tailored to individual interests, ensuring that wherever one goes, there is a wealth of opportunities for personal growth. Users can actively participate in, create, and communicate their experiences, fostering a community of shared enrichment. Ultimately, we aspire to contribute to the enrichment of others’ lives.

Our Goal

From the project’s inception, our primary aim has been to embody and execute the vision for this Life Experience platform. Successfully capturing the essence of this project, we’ve transformed the envisioned concept into a genuinely remarkable life experience platform. This platform now offers users a diverse array of new and captivating experiences, fostering personal growth and positively impacting both their lives and the lives of others.


Competing with Established Platforms

One of the significant challenges was breaking into the competitive space occupied by popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. To address this, we implemented a development process that honed in on providing an engaging, well thought out, and enriching user experience tailored to the user’s interests, location, and activity. Essentially, bringing the user closer to experiences that would help them elevate their life and provide an opportunity to create and share experiences that would impact others.

Providing a truly unique and engaging experience

The initial vision for the application design drew heavily from well-known social media platforms in a bid to compete with them. However, our collaboration with Beanstalk, coupled with insights gathered from Focus Groups and Beta testing, led the application through a remarkable iterative journey. This evolution resulted in the creation of a genuinely life-enhancing experience platform, uniquely tailored to each individual.


Ensuring the app’s scalability and user-friendly navigation was of the utmost importance. We worked closely with Beanstalk to carefully refine the categorization of experiences and develop algorithms that would provide performant and user rich responses. The result of which, provided a choice user experience.

Project Scope

Our scope encompassed the synthesis of a vast array of experiences, the development of algorithms for personalized user interactions, and the establishment of a Discovery Feed featuring experiences, categories, and sponsorships. The application facilitates business sponsorships for content showcasing, supports messaging and group messaging, enables experience creation, and provides the functionality to seamlessly share personal experiences.


Product Discovery Phase

In this crucial phase, our collaboration with Beanstalk was intensive as we sought to understand and embody their vision for the product. Together, we worked on refining ideas related to categorization, user experiences, and the overall design of the application. Our priority was to ensure scalability, high performance, and robust data protection, all while outlining an infrastructure that would enable users to leverage their data effortlessly and in a targeted manner.

The collaboration extended to detailed discussions on scoping and fine-tuning the features and functionality of the Beanstalk application. Simultaneously, we maintained a keen focus on the ambitious goal of delivering the application within a year, guiding our planning and execution strategies accordingly.

For the technical foundation, we opted for the Flutter and Django frameworks. These choices were driven by their proven excellence in building cross-platform mobile applications and administrative tools, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to delivering a high-quality and efficient solution.

UI/UX Design

Our collaboration with Beanstalk was integral during the UI/UX design phase, marked by a meticulous iterative process. Research and refinement were key, drawing inspiration from features present in major social media platforms. The aim was to align with Beanstalk’s overarching goal of creating a platform that not only enhances users’ lives through rich and targeted experiences but also has the potential to uplift others.

To refine the user experience, we actively engaged focus groups, incorporating their insights into the design process. 

To handle the vast array of categories and experiences, we crafted scripts designed to efficiently ingest tens of thousands of entries into the database. This was done with an eye on supporting growth, scalability, and optimal performance.Additionally, the administrative tool was purposefully designed with a focus on security, efficiency in development, and user-friendly functionality, ensuring a seamless and secure management interface.

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