We recently were contacted by a school in Kodiak Alaska to help them do a classroom management app. They had tried unsuccessfully several times to get someone to make this app for them, so we thought we’d take a crack at it. Overall it’s a pretty simple app, but we’re proud of it because we put it together very quickly for them, and they are enthralled with the results. It demonstrates the use of AngularJS and Google’s Material Design that was made originally for the latest Android OS. We made use of the Angular Material plugin on this project.

We released the source code for this project, Kodiak-Picker, under the open source GPL License and the code is freely available on Github: kodiak-picker – Github

The Kodiak Picker app itself is an application written to help track and manages students, quarters/semesters (referred to as “cycles”), and classes (referred to as “tutorials”). The application allows students to choose classes to sign up for out of those available. This can be overriden by teachers or administrators who may know better the needs of specific students. The software can also generate reports about which students are in any class, or search by student to find out what class they are in at any given time. Rooms and instructors are also included for each class. Registration for new cycles can occur while an existing cycle is ongoing.

Kodiak Picker Screenshot