Savi is a technology-driven platform that offers video-integrated behavioral analytics solutions for businesses to enhance their productivity and performance. Savi’s video-based analytics tool can monitor staff behavior, identify unusual actions, and alert employers instantly. The tool pairs video data of each transaction with sales results and receipts, enabling employers to identify and reward positive employee behaviors, identify areas that need additional training, and provide warnings to unproductive employees. Savi’s automated audit system also helps businesses identify theft through voids, loyalty programs, and stolen goods, without having to watch hours of video surveillance footage. The system automatically identifies points of concern and matches transactions with video and audio snippets for instant, on-point behavioral analytics. Savi’s comprehensive dashboard provides on-demand insights into business operations and employee behaviors, highlighting top performers and high-risk locations. Overall, Savi’s behavioral analytics solutions empower businesses to make objective, fact-based decisions to grow their operations, reduce losses due to theft and poor performance, and showcase smart sales strategies.



GROUPS: Mobile, Web, iOS, Android, Tablet