The Zebra Equine Technologies app is a revolutionary digital platform that aims to address a common issue in the equine industry – the overheating of horses’ legs due to the use of boots. Through the use of advanced technology such as phase change material and Bluetooth temperature sensors, the app allows horse trainers and owners to monitor and regulate the temperature of their horses’ legs in real-time. This is essential as overheating can lead to serious injuries, such as tendon damage. The app’s primary focus is on ensuring the well-being of the horse. However, it does track the duration of workouts and provides real-time temperature readings, allowing for informed decisions about when to stop or modify training. The app’s feature set may be modest, but it has been designed with intelligence and practicality in mind, including support for background operation and intelligent pairing of the four boots. Overall, the Zebra Equine Technologies app is a game-changer in equine care and a valuable tool for horse enthusiasts.



GROUPS: Mobile, Web, iOS, Android, Tablet