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Startup Weekend Ogden

We decided to take our team to Startup Weekend Ogden in November. According to https://ogden.startupweekend.org/, the event is described as follows: "All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic...

New Product Release

We have been working with School Improvement Network on enhancing their line of educational products for the last few months. They offer a wide range of tools for professional development and...

Return JSONP with CakePHP

Here's a nice way to turn on JSONP for CakePHP. JSONP, or JSON with padding, is necessary when you want to include JSON from a site different than the one you're on. A good explanation for what...

Web browser text search

So I am working on a project where I have to search some HTML documents for a possible text string. This lead me to an interesting find in how browsers do searching on text.   Let's look at the...

Using nullmailer as a simple MTA

nullmailer is a very simple MTA I like to use on Linux servers when I don't want to have a lot of hassle with mail server configuration. It will automatically send all local mail to one of my email...

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